Energies of Attraction

channeling costa rica 2022 youthing in the blue zone Apr 25, 2023

Your thoughts and your feelings are almost like magnets that magnetize to you similar energies, similar experiences. And so if you are someone who's very judgmental, then you attract energies into your life where you find that you are being judged. Or people are reacting to who you are because of your judgment. So you attract the response. This perhaps is easy or easier to understand.

 What You Call Love Is Very Often Just an Attraction

In your relationships, you feel attracted to certain people. That which you call love is very often just an attraction to another whose energy is very similar to your own. The situations that they are still needing to learn and understand, and your situation -- what you are still needing to learn and understand -- can either be very similar and then there's an attraction. Or they can be opposite and you are attracted. Why? Because you are attracted to those who can assist you in your further learning. And this attraction, this energy of attraction, is very often called love. It is a misunderstanding of the energy.

 When the Real You Starts to Manifest, the Work Starts

The attraction that you feel allows you to come closer. And as you connect more deeply with another, first of all, you are very happy in the other's company. And then, as you get to know each other, then the real you starts to manifest -- the grumpy side; the frustrated side; the angry; the judgmental. All these things which you had hidden in the beginning, start to arise and that is when the work starts.


Costa Rica, 2022 - Youthing in the Blue Zone

 106 - Session 2

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