Q&A with Alcazar About the 12th Dimension

#channeling #slovenia global gathering 2022 May 02, 2023


Participant: So, my being is screaming in my head for me to ask this question. It's about, uh, for an explanation about the 12 dimensions and why we raise the frequency.

Alcazar: There are many possible answers to this. In your reality, this current third dimensional reality, there is a power to the number 12. We stop at the 12th dimension for two reasons. At that 12th dimension, if you allow those energies to come to you and your vibration starts to harmonize with the 12th, you become more sensitive. It is a little easier for you to feel the energy of a guide. The next dimension, that which you would call the 13th, is a new octave of energy. We rarely go there. And we suggest that you do not either. The reason for this is that it has a very strong influence on the physical. So, any negativity that you carry in your field, conscious or unconscious, that negativity can be amplified and drawn into your life. You have probably heard of beings channeling from the 20th dimension or the 105th. Or "my guide is best because they are in the 333rd dimension." Forget all about it. Forget all about dimensions. Everything is vibration. It does not matter from where they come. What matters is what they bring.

So, these are the two main reasons. In the 12th dimension you are more receptive. You can sense the guides a little more easily. We don't go beyond because that's a whole other realm of experiencing. And Beloveds, you cannot ask a six-month-old child to ride a bicycle. And so, if you try and move beyond these 12 dimensions, you will not gain anything right now. 

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