Q&A: Can Alcazar Speak About Timelines?

#channeling #newyear's2023 Feb 24, 2023


Participant: Can Alcazar speak to timelines? And how do we know we have shifted into a higher vibrational one? I've heard many timelines are running alongside one another now. Can Alcazar give us guidance on this, please?
Prageet: Each one of us is moving along our own individual timeline. A timeline is basically what you are individually living right now. And every decision you make affects the timeline. It either keeps you on that same track,. Or, if you make a different decision , that can elevate you to a higher timeline. So, for example, if you've always gone along being the nice person, being polite, and then you decide I'm going to start speaking my truth, as you start speaking your truth, you are raising your vibration, which puts you on a new higher timeline. So, every decision you make is an opportunity to shift higher and higher.
 We did quite a bit on timelines in the 'Into The Void' series. That series is complete now and we're going to be making it available online very shortly. Understand that we are moving in a certain direction, and every decision we've made and every habit that we have is taking us along in that same direction. In order to shift into a higher timeline, a different decision needs to be made. Sometimes we do it consciously and then we can move up. But sometimes we choose not to be speaking our truth, or not to do what we know we need to do. And then that brings us into a different, lower timeline. You actually drop down into a lower frequency.
And so timelines, are very personal, very individual. And then, of course, there's the human timeline, which depends on what we are all doing, what humanity is doing together. So timelines - it's simple yet complex - but basically, as you raise your vibration, you start on a new timeline and the old the inertia, from the old direction, can try and pull you back onto that old timeline. So it's always to be aware that when you consciously shift, when you consciously make the decision - in this case to speak your truth - then you just ask your guides "Assist me in moving completely onto this next timeline. Dissolve the energies that I've already projected into the future." 
This is why Alcazar uses the phrase past, present and future, when asking the guides to assist you. So if you consciously shift onto a new timeline by "I'm going to speak my truth now," then ask the guides, assist me in speaking my truth, assist me in dissolving all the old momentum, "On all levels and dimensions. Past, present and future." And if you ask for that, then the inertia of the old way of being can be dissolved. The guides can assist you in dissolving it. 
 - Prageet – New Year’s 2023 – Day 2 – Session 3 - Realignment

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