Q&A with Alcazar - The Fastest Way to Change Your World

#channeling new year's livestream 2023 q&a Feb 07, 2023

Participant: There is collective energy I'm involved with around regenerative agriculture that's trying to bring healing back to the soil and to the Earth. It's less than 1% of the planet's farming at this point. And there are huge chemical and pharmaceutical forces and all of that at play. We know we need a change, but there's a lot pushing against that.

Alcazar: Beloved One, this is of great import for everyone to understand. You are particularly interested in changing the way that agriculture is happening here with the heavy poisoning of your Earth and your plants, but it is the same in all areas of life. There are those who are in control, so to speak, maybe the bosses at your work, maybe the governments in your countries - they're holding on to the old way of being. And you can become very frustrated, angry at the way they are behaving, by the blindness, perhaps; or by the way they are not wanting to see; or they are too lazy to change. Or they are receiving bribes or money to continue the way it is.

So many businesses have business practices that are actually very damaging to humanity and to the world, and yet they continue to do them. So, how do you change these things? We have said many times the fastest way to change your world is to change yourself, to raise your vibration. The only way to really create change is by changing consciousness. The way to change the consciousness of others is to change your own. This might seem a little strange and a little difficult to understand at first. So, first you need to be aware that the whole of humanity is in fact connected by the morphic field, an energetic that you don't see. And you rarely feel it, but it connects you all. When you raise your vibration and thousands of others, nay, millions of others now are raising their vibration, you are raising the frequency of the morphic field. It is a field that you all exist within. And so, as you raise your vibration, you are raising the vibration of the whole.

So, how do you affect these big industries? As you raise your vibration, there will be certain individuals within these different power structures of the businesses, of finances, the governments and so on, who get touched by the raising of the vibration of the morphic field. They will start to hear what you are saying. They will start to think and feel the same way as you do. And so slowly, slowly their influence from within the system can start to change it. Now the mind can say,"Well, this is going to take lifetimes and lifetimes." But don't be so sure. There is an acceleration happening of consciousness on your planet. And Beloved Ones, you are part of this.

Do not despair. Even though it seems so impossible at times, do not despair. Continue your meditations. Encourage others to meditate or to find some practice like yoga, some practice that will help them start to be more awake, more alert. And as they begin to start to raise their vibration as well, you will have, more and more individuals raising their vibration. And slowly, slowly everything will begin to change. And this year (2023) is going to be a year of many changes. (And) let us say this. It is not really the Earth that needs to be healed, it is humanity that is desecrating the Earth with the poisons and that can change. We love you! Thank you for loving the Earth.

-- Alcazar

New Year's 2023 Livestream - Day 1 Session 3

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