Q&A with Alcazar - When Do You Leave a Partnership or Relationship?

Participant: When do you leave a relationship?

Alcazar: When do you leave a partnership or a relationship? It's when you feel there's not an opportunity to continue to grow together. And if it's been a long-time partnership, you need to create the courage to step out into the unknown. And that, too, is difficult. It is difficult because of the conditioning in your societies. Reality is, when you will empower yourself and say, "Okay, time to leave," and to leave not in heavy judgment and anger and frustration, but to simply leave the relationship because you recognize you are not growing together, you have compassion for the partner who is not yet ready to move on, without judgment.

It's simply compassion. Wishing them well, but also claim for yourself a new reality where you start to attract all the support that you need, a support from friends, a financial support, a new job, perhaps, whatever it is you need. Draw it into your life. Start drawing it into your life before you separate. Understand you can do that. Most people stay in relationships because they are not sure what they will do. And so they stay there. But Beloveds, start creating the new and allow the new to be ready as you are ready to separate from the partner. Start looking at things from a different perspective. Start looking at your life situation from a beautiful, self-honoring way, knowing that you can create if you are doing it from love, compassion and an intention to simply continue your growth, your learning, your experiencing. Bless the partner. Wish them well. Support them in moving into their next phase of life.


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