The True Power of Oneness

#channeling #slovenia global gathering 2022 Apr 29, 2023


So, Beloveds, understand the power, the true power of Oneness versus bringing in the light. We will give you a metaphor. If there is a statue that represents some unconscious holding pattern, some negativity, some so-called darkness, and you bring in the light and you shine that light on the statue, it casts a bigger shadow. If you bring the golden light of oneness, what you are doing is surrounding that holding pattern and surrounding that negativity surrounding the statue in a bright emanation of true understanding. That is the light of oneness. It is perceptual. And in that space, there is no shadow anymore. So, you actually move past the metaphor. When you bring in the oneness, what you are truly doing is drawing to humanity more potential energy for transformation, the kind of deep transformation of your suffering, individually and collectively.

 "No Such Thing as Evil"

We have said there is truly no such thing as evil. What you perceive as evil is a lower frequency that drives people to behave in their worst instincts. And those shadow frequencies, those people, they do not need more judgment. It makes it actually harder for them to break out of it. Can you feel what we are saying? So, with this potential energy of pure understanding, the kind of understanding that can go into any shadow, any holding pattern, and see truly and clearly where the wounding is. It is like you are shining a refractory light that ripples and ripples and ripples and ripples and ripples. It helps those people see for themselves where that wounding is, and then oneness happens within them.


Slovenia Global Gathering, 2022

Renewal - Day 3- Session 1

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