You Are Part of the Quantum Field

You know that very often we simply intend to be in the Quantum Field and we move deeper into the Quantum Field, into this space that we call the void. So, what is the Quantum Field? What is the void? We have said many times they are the same thing. And this upsets Julianne. She says, “No, they are different.”

The Difference Between the Quantum Field and the Void

So you can describe the Quantum Field as a field of energy, as the smallest, smallest, smallest particles you can imagine of just light or, energy, for light and energy are the same thing at this very basic level. The void is that place of no-thing-ness beyond those particles of light. The Quantum Field is also no-thing-ness, because nothing tangible exists, only these particles of light or energy.

You are always in the Quantum Field. You are part of it. Particles of light make up the myriad of different atoms and elements that create this reality. You are part of the Quantum Field. You move around in it; you breathe it in; you shit it out; you are part of it.

The Place of Pure Consciousness

The void is that place, which is just the pure consciousness, pure spirit. Because you are part of the Quantum Field, you are ripples of energy within it or vortexes of energy within it. However you care to visualize it.. The air that you feel blowing around you, that is part of the Quantum Field. It is just as you are, a manifestation from the Quantum. The void is beyond those particums of light. Every thought, every feeling, every action that you do or think or feel affects the Field because you are it. You are part of it. We have said this for many years. Every thought, every feeling creates your reality, moment by moment. This is something which is difficult for many to understand or to appreciate. But it is a basic fact of this, your greater reality.


Costa Rica, 2022 - Youthing in the Blue Zone

 106 - Session 2

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